Beard Balm de Garde


Our 100% plant based, handmade beard balm melts in your hands for a smooth application to style, condition, moisturize and soften your beard. Beard balm de Garde helps to promote beard growth, while keeping your beard healthy and smelling intoxicating.

Keep your beard collected and face protected with this handcrafted, small batch leave in conditioner for facial hair and the skin beneath.

Key Ingredients: oakmoss, labdanum, honey, and piñon pine.

Pro Tip: Use before long runs in extreme cold to guard even the most beardless of faces.

Directions: Scrape off small amount with back of thumbnail.  Rub between fingers and apply to facial hair and skin beneath.

Size: Recyclable and reusable 2fl. oz. tin can

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Merino Lanolin, Local Beeswax, Kokum Butter, Organic Piñon Pine Resin*, French and Spanish Essential Oils, Organic Irish Moss.**

Synthetic/Preservative free

*Organic **Wild-harvested



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